• Steel Homes Basics You Must Know

    Metal used for a house's roofMetal or steel homes come in various sizes and layout designs. It is open to a lot of creativity and can cater to different preferences and needs. Metal homes can range from 180 square foot cabins to family homes as large as 5,000 square feet. They can be customized for one person or for multiple families, depending on the available space and budget.

    With the advancements in construction industry and technology, many individuals and families choose to buy steel home kits.

    Straight Walled vs. Arched Design

    There are two types of steel homes kits. These are the straight wall and the arched type. The latter is often referred to as the Quonset hut. Each has distinct features and benefits, but both of them can be bolted together and are designed to securely attach to a foundation in your property.

    Straight-walled homes have a gable style roof and offer a more traditional look than the arched one. Although modular looking, this type of home can be made more inviting by adding a porch, windows, a garage and even more home accessories. What sets this style apart are the framing and sheeting elements, which are placed at the top of the home’s frame. With the straight walled design, there are more colors to choose from.

    Built to Last

    The Quonset hut, on the other hand, is said to be the more affordable and faster option when building a metal home. They are the epitome of simplicity. These kits are delivered in two-foot segments, which are easily bolted together. If a homeowner wants to expand, all he needs to do is add more segments. At the same time, larger models can have second floors.

    The best feature of this type of metal home is that it can withstand the elements. So if you want a sturdy and durable living space, this is the right option for you.