• Ways to Improve Your Workplace Carbon Footprint

    businessmen meeting about waste managementIt’s rare to find a company activity that brings down costs in the workplace. An activity that improves team morale and gives employees a goal to work towards to but you can achieve all these by starting an initiative to bring down the carbon footprint in the office. Moreover, encouraging co-workers to be mindful of their carbon footprint in the office may also spill over to their habits at home, further helping the environment. Here are some ideas to help you instantly start a carbon footprint reduction initiative at the office.

    Manage Waste Effectively

    Encourage the consumption of digital content over printed material to lower paper consumption and costs. Email meeting slides and notes instead of printing handouts for presentations and meetings. Replace newspaper and magazine subscriptions with the digital versions instead. Migrate office newsletters and memos to the digital format and email to cascade. This not only keeps more trees planted instead of being used as paper, but it also lowers the office supplies cost required. While paper use may not be eliminated entirely in the workplace, you could still try recycling paper that is often put to waste. Segregate paper that can be reused as scratch paper. Documents that could no longer be reused could be shredded and sent to material recycling facilities.

    Reduce Energy Consumption

    Encourage employees to turn off office appliances when not in use. Some co-workers have the habit of leaving their computers on even after going home to save time on booting up the next day. Encourage the habit of shutting down to completely shut off energy consumption after office hours. Another way to reduce energy consumption and bring down energy costs is to optimize the indoor temperature. Reduce the heating and cooling loads by selecting the most optimal climate control settings and close windows that bring in drafts from the outside.

    Explore Telecommuting

    Although working remotely or working from home may not be for everyone in the office. Explore the possibility of implementing work from home arrangement with some employees who could use the extra day at home to be with their family if their tasks could be done remotely. Not only would this reduce further energy consumption at the office, but it could also reduce carbon footprint by limiting travel and transportation expenses. For business trips and meetings, consider video conferencing and save the actual business trips for important meetings that require face to face contact.

    Reducing carbon footprint in the workplace is not only beneficial for the environment but also for the company. Try out these approaches to help your company and co-workers enjoy a greener lifestyle.