• Three Ways to Help Your Shy Kids Break out of their Shell

    2 kids drawing and playingSome kids are born with a giddy, clingy attitude, while some may take time to warm up to people or situations. If your kid belongs to the latter, you probably struggle with their shyness and how they could form relationships with other people. Here’s how you can help them.

    Create social opportunities.

    One of the reasons children are shy is that they’ve had fewer opportunities to interact with their peers. They are not able to use the social skills that give them the confidence to make friends or initiate conversations. This is why it’s important to expose them to a lot of opportunities to be social. For this, your home environment greatly matters.

    There’s a reason why a lot of couples choose the suburbs over the cities. The suburbs are close-knit communities where they and their kids can be socially comfortable. These places also offer nearby social spaces such as parks, schools, and playgrounds, where it’s natural for kids to interact. Homes in places such as those in West Melbourne are a good example. These places are family friendly and are an ideal environment for helping kids become socially comfortable.

    Let them see your social behaviour.

    Most kids who are shy have parents who are also shy. If your kids see that you dread social situations, it’s likely that they would, too. Hence, if you’re a shy person, work on becoming a little more sociable. If your kids see you waving at your neighbour or talking to other moms at school, they’ll be more comfortable in doing the same.

    When they are comfortable enough, build their confidence by praising them each time they break out of their shell. That way, you can encourage them to form the habit.

    Don’t put a label on them.

    This is the most crucial but often overlooked by most parents. Sometimes the kids’ shyness is brought upon by your perceptions and opinions about them. When you describe them as shy in their presence, you’re subtly telling them that there’s something wrong with them. Sometimes, this could be a self-fulfilling thing for kids. Moreover, they become all the more anxious and conscious about their social behaviour.

    Therefore, quit describing them as the shy kids. Instead, recognise that there are kids who take time to warm up to people and situations.

    On top of all those mentioned, show your love and empathy toward your kids. Sometimes the reassurance that comes from you is enough for them.