• Great Home Design Ideas That Creatively Utilizes Glass

    Interior Design of a Living Room and a KitchenGlass can be thought of as cold and brittle, something to look at or through but not to roughhouse. But did you know that glass can also be versatile and used as an actual part of one’s home? The following are some of these very practical and yet aesthetic applications.

    Bathroom Windows, Walls, and Floors

    One of the ways that you can show the different uses of glass in the home is through the use of blocks. They can be made to stack on top of each other or be placed next to each other, forming different parts such as windows, walls, and floors. If you are tired of tiles, then you can use these for a change.

    Stairs and Frameless Balustrades

    Glass can give you that surreal feeling that you’re walking on air if you use it as part of these structures. It can also give the impression that the stairs and frameless glass balustrades are lighter than they are. Also, these kinds of installation add to the illusion of space for the guests. The panes that are made for these can look fragile, but as long as you’re careful, you will be alright.

    Countertops and Splashbacks

    You think that glass can only be used on objects that you can drink from? Well, surprise because it can also be used as a material for your countertops and splashbacks! With these glass improvements, you can give the area a more modern look. And let’s not forget one of the most important advantages for most housewives and househusbands: glass is so easy to clean, even easier than metal, plastic, etc.

    Used properly, glass can add a modern, light, and airy touch to any home. It doesn’t just change the look of your house, but it can also serve some practical purposes. If you want to introduce a bit of brightness and modernity to your residence, then you might want to have a go at glass. Consult with an interior designer and glass supplier to know what you can do with your home.