• How a Good Reverse Logistics System Could Grow Your Business

    boat, plane and shipping boxesWith the internet comes the possibility to distribute your products far and wide, sometimes even beyond your geographic location. It gives you the ability to grow your sales and reach more customers, notes ReverseLogix.

    With a good delivery system, you can fill and deliver all your orders quickly and efficiently. However, at times, customers will find a reason to cancel an order or return a product. After making placing the order, a customer could decide they no longer need or want the product.

    It might be because the product didn’t fit, is defective, didn’t work as expected or isn’t what they had in mind. Sounds familiar? Here’s what you should do:

    1. Make it easy for customers to return products.

    Return customers are the key to building a successful e-commerce and as such, you need a user-friendly return policy. Since the shopper is not a position to examine the merchandise before buying, there’s a considerable room for error.

    That bit makes it tricky for some online shoppers, and some will only place an order if you have a smooth return policy. They want to be sure that they’ll have their money’s worth when buying from you.

    With the right management system in place, you can assure such buyer and make it relatively easy to ship back an item to you.

    2. Identify the problematic bunch.

    Product returns are expensive for your business and are quite inconveniencing for your customers. To this end, you need to keep it at the lowest possible level. An efficient reverse logistics process lets you zero in on the line of products with the highest levels of returns.

    It also lets you identify the reasons behind the returns. It could, for example, point to a problem with your shipping department or a particular line of products. By getting to the root of the problem, you can deploy effective countermeasures, including dropping the problematic line of products.

    It is only natural for you to endure a higher rate of product returns when selling your products over of the internet. Thankfully, having an efficient reverse logistics system in place helps you keep the return level at a minimum.