• What Makes a Commercial Restroom Modern and Functional

    Large Commercial RestroomCommercial establishments such as restaurants and coffee shops get hundreds of visitors a day. This is why they need to have not only clean but also efficient restrooms to meet their customers’ needs. Depending on the size of an establishment, restrooms in commercial areas follow specific design requirements and plans. For example, there must be partitions, multiple sinks, soap dispensers, tissues, and hand dryers. All of these contribute to good hygiene practices and ease of use for the guests.

    Space and Privacy

    Commercial restrooms usually have multiple toilets to accommodate more than one person at a time. There are partitions separating one user from another. This follows industry standards to ensure that each user has ample space and privacy. The walls and doors need to be of a certain height. The locking mechanisms must be in place to make sure that the doors cannot be opened from the outside.

    The law also requires that at least one cubicle be accessible to people with disability (PWDs). This requires a much wider space to accommodate a wheelchair or a companion if the PWD needs to be accompanied by a caregiver.

    In some establishments, there is a separate restroom for PWDs and the elderly. These are equipped with more features such as grab handles, non-slip floors, and automatic toilets.

    Modern Inclusions

    Commercial restrooms have also benefited from advancements in technology. Faucets and toilets have sensors that detect human presence. The sensor-driven faucets offer convenience when rinsing one’s soapy hands. Instead of turning the knob or handle, the sensor detects the person’s hands and dispenses water. The same applies for hand dryers that turn on and off automatically.

    Self-flushing commodes are also more hygienic. You do not need to push a button to flush.

    In addition to these, there are also modern vandal-free walls and doors to keep people from writing on the walls of commercial restrooms. This helps keep restrooms clean all the time.

    Clean and accessible restrooms are not only a requirement in commercial establishments. They are also one of the first things guests look at when they visit. Oftentimes, a dirty and cramped restroom can make a customer decide not to visit your place again. Hence, it is best to make sure that your restrooms are clean and in good condition all the time.