• Home Search 101: Do You Really Know What You Want in a House?

    Couple Just Bought a HouseImagining a dream house is easy, but knowing exactly what you want in a one isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Here is a repetitive advice you hear from property experts in Australia — ‘Know what you want’ — you’d think that it’s the easiest to tick off in your to-do list, but once you get to the nitty-gritty of it, you’ll realise that writing it down actually needs some serious considerations.

    The Home That Fits Your Lifestyle

    When people decide to buy homes, they already have a mental picture of what the house looks like. But it’s often an incomplete picture. You probably know how many bedrooms you need or how many floors you want, but have you considered the home’s style? The availability of outdoor spaces?

    The trick in covering all aspects of the home’s features is to reflect on your lifestyle. For instance, if you’re an on-the-go family, you might need a contemporary-style house that’s relatively smaller in space, so that you get to spend more time outdoors, not on keeping up with house chores or yard work.

    If you’re a family who loves to host parties and having friends over, you should be on the look out for houses that feature open-plan layouts, huge outdoor spaces and extra bedrooms for guests. Check out the house and land packages that communities around Point Cook offer — you might find one that fits your family’s lifestyle.

    The Perfect Neighbourhood

    It’s not only the actual home you should be paying attention to. Location matters. Drive up to the neighbourhoods you’re eyeing at different times of the day and see if they also match your lifestyle.

    If you have kids, it’s ideal to have schools, parks and playgrounds near your target home. If grocery shopping is one of your weekend routines, there should be commercial establishments accessible from your house, either through riding public transportation or driving along traffic-jam-free roads.

    Pay attention to the culture of the community as well. If you’re the type to greet next-door neighbours in the morning, assess how close-knit the community is. Don’t neglect checking the crime rates in the location as well.

    Write down what exactly you want in a home. This will help reduce the stress in the home-buying process and give you a more purposeful property search experience.