• 4 Facts to Get Right before Applying for a Mortgage

    Mortgage Loan AgreementA mortgage application can be a daunting and lengthy process. But if you understand the whole process first before making a move, you can easily navigate through it and avoid common mistakes and traps. Below are some necessary factors you should understand before you kick start house hunting and look for home loans in Utah, according to Altius Mortgage Group:

    Down payment Requirement

    Loan plans require you to pay a given percentage of home value first. As much as there are many other flexible programs in the market that ask for low or no down payment, they have ultimately proved expensive. High down payments will not only attract low interest rates but cut on additional costs like insurance as well. So, having a budget of the house you intend to own and how much down payment you can raise is a wise step.

    Credit Rating

    You need to understand if your credit is in better shape before you apply. Excellent credit rating is a vital factor, as it will not only get you a good interest rate but also fast-track your application. Therefore, if you dream of owning a home, it will just be fair to start building your credit history slowly.


    You’ll be asked to provide several documents to support your application. To save yourself panic and time when you desperately need to seal a deal, research on obvious ones like bank statements to justify your income, list of assets and debts, tax returns, among many others, and keep them ready.


    To qualify for a mortgage, you need to prove your income sufficiency and consistency. Whether you earn salary or commission, compile necessary documents to justify you actually qualify. Compare the mortgage rates regularly to understand best lenders and deals before making up your mind on whom to approach. You can seek services of a mortgage broker to help you with that.

    It’s frustrating to have spotted a home of your dream, only to find your plans stalled, as you can’t get cash from any lender. Understanding the above tips will surely help you to walk this path of home ownership like a pro.