• Tips for Choosing the Right Baby Stroller

    a couple with their babyWhen traveling with a child, parents should consider the size and weight of the stroller to use. The weight of a stroller depends on its features, and a lot of features result in a larger model. Bigger strollers are also usually more durable and tougher. For instance, a stroller for Miami, Florida may have an umbrella holder and multiple cup holders because the area is known for warm, humid weather.

    Stroller for Various Needs

    A stroller’s features are based on the passenger’s size and needs. For example, a toddler’s stroller would be larger than one for an infant because of additional features for the larger child. Some strollers for older children have detachable seats that are strapped on the car’s back seat while the rest of the carriage is stowed in the trunk. With these detachable seats, there’s no need for a separate child seat. This kind of convertible stroller allows for the convenient and safe travel of children.

    Special Purpose Strollers

    Special purpose strollers are larger than normal. These include double and jogging strollers. Double or twin strollers are designed for two kids, seated side by side or in tandem. Jogging strollers are used by joggers pushing their children along while they jog. These have large wheels and sturdy construction. Some jogging strollers have three wheels, for better maneuverability. The wheels are also air-filled rather than solid rubber, resulting in a smooth ride over uneven sidewalks. It also has a larger frame with thicker tubes along with a five-point safety harness for the child passenger.

    Stroller size is based on their use and can number of features. Jogging strollers are typically larger and meant to enable running at a quick pace. Double and twin strollers have space for two children. Other design considerations help parents to better choose between different types of strollers.