• How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Once and for All

    bed bugsBed bug infestations are increasing, attracted by warm temperatures and resistant to pesticides; they wreak havoc in people’s homes. Many people have to call out pest control more than once, but with bed bug heat extermination, they will no longer have to.

    International travel, warmer climates and over-use of chemical extermination treatments have led to an upsurge of bed bug infestations all around the world, with the small oval brown insects turning people’s homes into their havens.

    About Bed Bugs

    They feed on human blood, so they congregate under mattresses and in headboards so that they can come out at night when people sleep. This is what got them their name, although they can occupy other furniture and are frequently brought back from vacation in suitcases.

    If an infestation goes unnoticed or is improperly treated, they can quickly multiply and infest all the rooms in the home and even neighboring homes.

    Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

    Sometimes, chemical treatment of bed bugs might not be effective. If they miss areas of infestation, eggs could remain, and the cycle begins again. Frequent use of chemical agents has also led to resistance in the insects. They are now becoming strong enough to withstand poisons.

    Authorities prohibited many of the pesticides previously used to treat them — such as DDT — for health reasons. Bed bug heat extermination is a better way to treat bed bug infestations. Using air heated to 120⁰F, all bed bugs and their eggs will die within minutes.

    That ensures that no eggs or bugs survive the treatment. Sometimes it is used in conjunction with chemical treatment for best results.

    Any affected furniture, bedding, carpets, and curtains should also be washed in hot water and dried at the hottest setting; replacing them might not be enough as pests could live in crevices in walls or furniture.

    Bed bugs are multiplying, causing a problem in thousands of American homes. Heat treatment offers a safe and effective way to exterminate them if chemicals alone don’t work.