• Why the Shift to Using IP PBX?

    IP PBX and its usesMore businesses are switching from PSTN telephony to using IP-PBX. But, what are the driving forces behind this drastic shift? You may ask. Here are reasons to switch to IP PBX software in the Philippines:

    Multiple Extensions

    IP-PBX lets you access basic features and extensions that include intercom dialing, phonebook, barge in, selective acceptance, and ID blocking for calls. The various extensions offer you the advantage of efficiency and more productivity.

    More Features

    Standard telephone offers the advantage of audio communication. However, you can enjoy features such as chat, SMS, email, fax, and web conferencing with a PBX software solution integration in your communication system.

    Saves Cost

    PBX software offers SIP trunking, which cuts the overall cost when making calls — both international and local. Installing an on-site solution delivers access to the PBX telephony. That, however, calls for investing in hardware. The hosted software eliminates the need for hardware and requires a monthly subscription.


    You can always scale up or down according to your needs when using a PBX software. You’ll pay according to your usage, however. The software can accommodate high loads in times of need. Also, you can add or remove extensions from devices such as phones or laptops in a secure way.

    Easy Network Management

    PBX software has a friendly GUI that’s helpful in managing complex networks. The features you can enjoy include selective access, DID management, call monitoring, and blacklist. The service providers enjoy an advanced billing mechanism and billing plan, all which they manage on a dashboard. Moving IP phones is easy from one location to another.

    If you’re still using the PSTN telephony, it’s high time to switch to using IP PBX for the numerous benefits you could enjoy. Businesses using the standard PBX could also shift to a hosted PBX or on-premise solution.