• Rollators: The Various Options Patients Have

    nurse assisting woman with walkerDisability, advancing age, and illnesses which might limit your mobility are currently not a hindrance to independent living. There are several mobility aids and equipment available to help patients retain their independence. These devices will also reduce pain and discomfort when walking.

    One of the common mobility equipment many patients use are walkers. This is a metal frame with four legs are renowned for their significant stability. The most common walker on the market is a rollator. This has a frame, handlebars, and wheels. The following are the available rollator types

    Three-Wheel Rollators

    This has two wheels in the back and one in the front. It is generally used indoors since it is easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Three-wheeled rollators are light making them the easiest to store and transport. But they have less stability compared to four rollators and have no seat, but do have a storage bag.

    Four-Wheel Rollators

    These have two swivel wheels at the front and two in the back. The broad area occupied by the four wheels enhances the rollator’s stability compared to a walking cane or three-wheel rollator. These rollators also come with a pouch or storage basket and a seat.

    Bariatric Rollators

    These are heavy-duty rollators designed for heavier and stronger-built users. Bariatric rollators come with wide and large wheels with diameters of over 8 inches to minimise their risk of sinking into the soft ground when riding. They also have full seats and reinforced steel frames for extra support.

    The above rollator options come with different braking systems for their safety. The common ones are cable loop and push-down brakes. Push-down brakes need downward pressure on their spring to stop and are easy to engage. Cable loop brakes are the most prevalent. They have levers and handles and work like bicycle brakes.

    Many patients need these tools to improve their mobility, but often they should know what works for them, so they would not waste their money.