• Why Geelong Is a Great Investment Area for Homes

    Houses and land for sale in the Geelong area have increased by as much as 12.1 per cent in September year over year, and yet median prices remain more affordable than a similar property in Melbourne. Buyers should take note that falling average prices in Melbourne have contributed to a decline in Australia’s home values […]

  • Selling Annuities Online: What You Need to Know

    Many agents are finding it difficult to sell annuities to a potential client because they see it as just another selling ploy. But, don’t lose hope yet. There are ways to sell your products, even if you decide on selling annuities online. Here are some ways to help you get started: Practice your teaching skills […]

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    Practical Tips for House Buying

    Purchasing a house is one of the most significant decisions you could make in your entire adult life. Looking for your dream home is not easy, however. Often, you have to search the market with the one that is perfect for you. While you may be ultra-excited to find that place to call your own, […]

  • 4 Cash Flow Opportunities That Will Augment Your Income

    When having a full-time job is not enough, it’s important to have a backup plan for future unexpected financial difficulties. One way to do this is by making sure you have other sources of cash. Doing so will give you financial security so you can survive life’s challenges. Here are four cash flow opportunities for […]

  • Home Loan Application: Top Factors Lenders Consider

    Most people focus more on their credit reports and credit history when applying for a mortgage. While these two are indeed important factors, they are not the only things that lenders look into when making a decision. Here are some ways lenders decide whether to approve your mortgage in West Jordan or not: Borrower Risk There are […]

  • What Is Home Equity, And How Can You Build It Fast?

    Equity is the actual value of your property calculated when you take out all the liens on it from its market price. If the perceived value of your house is PhP1 million and the remaining balance on your mortgage is PhP700,000, then the equity you have is PhP300,000. In other words, you own 30% of […]

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    Do What You Love Without Worries: Aiming for Financial Freedom

    Still confused with what financial freedom is? The simplest definition is that it’s the state wherein you or anyone in your household can maintain a specific, desired lifestyle without the need to work hard for a living. Anyone has the capacity to achieve financial freedom given the right tools. Know Yourself To get to where you want […]

  • 4 Things to Do When You’re Short for Your Car Loan

    Repossession is one of the significant consequences that a person may face if he or she makes consecutive late payments on a car loan. That’s why it’s important for car owners to pay their loan statements on time. But what do you do if you really can’t make any payment? Modify your loan You may […]

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    Things to Take Into Consideration before Investing In Capital Bonds

    Bonds have traditionally been a good way to secure an investment portfolio and disaffirm stock market instability — however, more and more people are becoming cautious with this type of asset, and maybe for good reason. Whether the result of political and economic events affecting worldwide markets, or the result of inflation and recession at […]