• Questions You Should Be Asking Your Real Estate Agent

    Letting go of your home is a hard thing to do. After all, you have grown accustomed to living in it and sharing precious memories with your family. There are different reasons for leaving a home and transferring to a new one — a new job, an illness or death of a family member, wanting […]

  • 4 Top Benefits of Buying an Existing Home

    After viewing the reviews of Lancaster properties for sale on websites like Real Estate Hub, you may be wondering whether to choose a new home or buy a relatively older one. Well, new homes definitely do have their advantages, but sometimes it makes more sense to settle for a property that’s been around for a while. […]

  • A Borrower’s Question: Who/What is Freddie Mac?

    More and more people are getting into the rental business. After all, it is one of the easiest ways to earn money with more and more people moving around more frequently as the world becomes more interconnected. However, like other types of businesses, one should have a substantial amount of capital. This capital is often […]

  • When is Renting a Better Option Than Buying?

    The top two conventional means of getting shelter are through renting or buying. A significant number of people think that renting a house to live in is a complete waste of money, as you will have nothing to show in the long run. However, there are instances where renting a home is a way better […]

  • Study: US Physician Salaries Rose, But Job Growth Fell in Some Cities

    Hospitals in some U.S. cities may need the help of physician recruitment companies for their hiring plans, as job growth lagged in these areas during 2017, according to a Doximity study. The study, however, noted that average salaries for American doctors rose 5.1% during the year, despite five major cities that recorded smaller physician salaries. Physicians […]

  • Man holding out a mortgage document

    4 Tricks to Speed Up Your Mortgage Approval

    Getting a mortgage can actualize your dream of providing a proper shelter for your family. However, for your loan to be approved fast, you need to be privy to some tips, which you could use to accelerate your mortgage loan application. Here are some of them: Know your credit score​ Most future homeowners never check […]

  • The Best-Kept Hacks on Purchasing a Home You Can Afford

    Housing is the main expense for the majority of people. They spend 30–35% of their income on paying for a house. This amount comprises property taxes, maintenance and mortgage costs. A substantial reduction in yearly housing expenditure could profit long-term wealth. When searching properties at landpricelist.ph, ensure that you determine ways wherein you can pay […]

  • 3 Things You May Not Know About Mortgages

    Based on figures from the U.S. Home Mortgage Disclosures Act (HMDA), about 50.35 percent of mortgage applications in 2014 were successfully closed. That means out of 11,875,464 applications, only 5,979,766 successfully made it. If you are planning to get your first, second, or even third mortgage soon, here are things you may or may not […]